Arm Yourself with Jesus' Mindset

Here we learn why the mindset of Jesus Christ arms us - fully prepares us - to face the hurts of this life. As we adopt His thinking we find ourselves equipped to walk in the will of God - doing good - even if we have to suffer for it! To live as God's people in this world, we must arm ourselves with Jesus' mindset.

Honor Christ

From this passage we will consider the ways that hope helps us to do what is right, even when we suffer. Suffering is a reality of this life, but with a living hope in Christ we can continue to do what is right - we can honor the Lord Jesus Christ. As we do what's right, even when we suffer, we have the opportunity display our hope and bring praise to Christ.

Live Out Your New Life in the Midst of the Old

It's the age-old question for Christians: "How do we live in in the World, but not of the world?" Peter has just explained that when we believe in Jesus, we become God's children. We become His people, with access to Him, and a call to holy living. We have a new home. This is all wonderful! But when the rubber meets the road - how do we live today among people who are not God's children? Live out the New Life in the midst of the Old.

Build Your New Life on the Living Stone

Peter continues to help hurting believers by turning their focus to Christ. In this specific passage, he teaches about Jesus Christ the living stone. When believers come to Jesus the living stone, we gain stability and grow in our new life in Christ.

Love One Another with New-Life Love

Peter continues to explain how a child of God lives in a hostile world, with hope. Because they have been born again, they are to love one another with a pure and fervent love. A love that is grown from the eternal Word of God through the gospel. Only the Word of God can produce this kind of love and give hope when life hurts.